Power Cues, by Nick Morgan

powercuesCommunications in any form involve much more than the words exchanged. Power Cues: The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact, by Nick Morgan, covers a wide array of non-verbal communications that can help you improve your ability to connect with and influence others. Morgan covers this crucial but often under-leveraged aspect of communications pretty comprehensively. He walks the reader through the vast power of the subconscious mind, provides guidance on how to interpret body language, and shares fascinating facts about voice tone.

While all of the science is interesting and informative, what makes the book valuable is Morgan’s explanation of how to apply the insights to all forms of business communications, based on his many years of experience coaching clients from executives to professional speakers. It’s that sort of great practical advice that’s made me a fan of his work. His book, Give Your Speech, Change The World: How To Move Your Audience To Action, is one of my favorites. Chapter 7 of Power Cues builds on this earlier work and delves into structuring the content of your message to “synchronize minds” through storytelling. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to discuss some of the ideas in this book with Nick some time ago, before the book came out. In case you missed that video interview, you can find it here. Specifically, we discuss the application of these ideas for CIOs and IT leaders.

To Communicate Is To Lead


There is no more important skill in any field right now than the ability to connect with others directly and meaningfully. It’s the scarce resource in a time-starved, information-saturated, increasingly demanding world. The always-on buzzing and beeping and ringtone-ing clutter is not conducive to this most important aspect of our work. Communicating effectively is a […]

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Power listening tip: one simple thing you can do today to become a better listener


Have you ever wondered what makes a great interview? Not a job interview, but an interview for a talk show or podcast. How do the really good interviewers work their magic? Do they do the most research? Do they prepare the best questions? Do they have some secret tricks? And, if we could learn some […]

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The End of Big, by Nicco Mele


It’s obvious that things are changing, and changing rapidly. It’s clear that the changes are profound, and that new threats and opportunities are impacting business at something other than a trendy or superficial level. In his book, The End of Big, Nicco Mele captures the essence of the change we’re experiencing and gives it a […]

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Ready or not, when the deadline comes, we deliver. The deadline, after all, is the final opportunity. There is no more time to tinker, to adjust, to fuss. There is no more time to reflect, to ponder, to make decisions. Working on deadline helps us to get things done, to focus our attention and energy. Deadlines […]

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