I really like your blog

6924223634_fb43d02c1a_mThere’s another conversation going on that I’d love for you to join.

I’ve had several folks reach out to me recently to say that they really enjoy my blog, which is great. Except they’re not actually talking about my blog here at tomcatalini.com. They’re enjoying my weekly posts to my email list.

A while back I started an email list and post every Sunday. It’s focused on IT and communications. If that’s sort of thing interests you, please come check it out. The list is full of folks from all over the world and the feedback I get there is great. That feedback shapes the conversation going forward.

Come check it out. And when you sign up for the list, you’ll get a free copy of my eBook. The next post goes out tomorrow, so join now. You can always (easily) unsubscribe if you don’t like it.


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When you join, you’ll get a FREE copy of my ebook Talking Points: Communication Skills To Advance Your IT Career. It’s my best advice for honing these essential soft skills for IT professionals at all levels, based on 25 years of experience working in many roles, at many levels, across many industries.

In the book, I will walk you through the most essential aspects of communicating effectively on three essential levels: customer service, project work, and executive presentations. If you hold aspirations to significantly contribute as an individual or leader, you must be more than just a technical expert. Get the ebook for FREE and I will show you how.


Zero to One, by Peter Thiel


Books about startups are inherently books about innovation, and creating something totally new is the ethos of Peter Thiel’s Zero to One. The title is the first clue, with an emphasis on going from nothing to something. That’s the kind of innovation he’s talking about, not the incremental improvements of going from n to n+1. […]

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Talking things through


Our days are filled with myriad tasks, issues, and surprises. In our quest to keep up and our desire to get ahead, we take shortcuts. Looking for shortcuts is a great mental exercise. We examine a situation, think critically and creatively, and find a better way. Shortcuts save us lots of time and energy. Except […]

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Power Cues, by Nick Morgan


Communications in any form involve much more than the words exchanged. Power Cues: The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact, by Nick Morgan, covers a wide array of non-verbal communications that can help you improve your ability to connect with and influence others. Morgan covers this crucial but often under-leveraged aspect of […]

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To Communicate Is To Lead


There is no more important skill in any field right now than the ability to connect with others directly and meaningfully. It’s the scarce resource in a time-starved, information-saturated, increasingly demanding world. The always-on buzzing and beeping and ringtone-ing clutter is not conducive to this most important aspect of our work. Communicating effectively is a […]

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