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Career development frustration usually stems from one simple fact: you feel, deep down, that you are capable of more.

Maybe a lot more. But you aren’t sure how to get yourself to the next level of success.

It might seem like the odds are just stacked against you. You might have a bad boss. You might be surrounded by some unhappy co-workers. The place you work may have limited opportunity.

A lot of people feel this way. Most people, in fact, are unhappy in their jobs. It’s a startling survey result year after year.

The most common way people deal with this is to look for a new job.

Or, more accurately, they talk about looking for a new job. Because they know that many jobs are more similar than different. And that changing jobs is usually just a temporary fix.

They are active in complaining. Not so active in actually propelling themselves forward.

Do you want to complain or do you actually want to do something to take control of your future?

Maybe you have already found and followed advice on career development. Perhaps you have tried some different strategies. You may have tried things that just didn’t work for you.

But did the process ever get personal?

To get to the bottom of this, you may need to dig deeper. Success, ultimately, comes from within. Nobody can help you unless you are determined to help yourself.

Sooner or later, you have got to face a simple truth:

The person who most influences your success is YOU.

You can worry and complain about the many things that are beyond your control. Which is largely a waste of energy. Or you can focus on the many things that ONLY YOU can control.

That’s where the magic is.

Let me explain how this works.

I’ve worked in more environments than most people — 13 positions at 10 organizations (working across 12 different industries).

The truth is that the employment landscape is fraught with bad bosses, dysfunctional organizations, and miserable co-workers. Avoiding all of those variables all of the time is pretty much impossible.

There is, however, a whole world that you can control. If you are willing to dig deep and take more responsibility for leading your life, you can find new levels of success in career development.

You can’t just live your life and see what happens. You cannot accept the role of passive bystander on your own journey, hoping for things to get better.

You must start acting like the CEO of you. Because if you don’t take more of a leadership role in your own life, you can’t expect to realize any super exciting results.

By the same token, when you do decide to take more of a leadership role in your own life, the results can be truly amazing.

That’s personal leadership.

The path is simple, but not necessarily easy. At least not until you get the hang of it.

Then, it’s probably easier than you think. Maybe even surprisingly easy. Once you get started, you may even say, “I wish I started earlier!

Soon you will start to build momentum.Your life begins to change for the better. You get on a roll. You begin to lead a bigger life.

You start to see a brighter future. One that is probably more successful than you thought possible.

Which creates energy. That fuels excitement. And you begin to dig in deeper and to do even more.

It’s a rewarding path in many ways.

So let me help you to start RIGHT NOW. I’ve designed a 7-day personal leadership challenge that will get you started on your career development journey quickly and easily.

You will learn one simple technique each day that is designed to help you take greater control. Each step is small. But they build on each other.

You will learn a powerful combination of techniques that you can use to take greater control of your days. And that’s the first step to taking greater control of your life. To truly lead your life, you must be in control.

Take the challenge now. It’s free. It’s my gift to you. Because I want you to succeed.

7-Day Personal Leadership Challenge

The tasks are simple, but the results can be profound.

I’ll guide you each and every step of the way.

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