Actions speak louder than words

It’s far more convincing to show someone than to tell them. If you’re really committed to providing the best product, fantastic customer service, and a personalized experience, then do it. Talking about it isn’t enough. Everybody talks, few deliver.

Delivery is the difference – actually following through. And an even bigger difference is when delivery comes before the sale. Nothing demonstrates commitment to core values as well as exuding them before money changes hands (as well as during the transaction, and after).

If you follow through with the actions, the word will get out. And you won’t have to do it, you’re customers will.

Photo credit: lululemon athletica

  • Tom Jacobs

    Your ideas of actions speak louder more than words, reminded me of what my father would say “big puff smoke, but no fire”

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for the comment!