Craftsmanship vs Expertise


Experts know everything. They’ve done it before. That knowledge and experience is what makes them expert at what they do. That’s worth a lot, in the right circumstances. When you need to embark on something new to you, something you’ve not done before but others have, something for which you can’t afford failure, you need an expert.


Craftsman are on a quest to know everything about something, but they know the goal itself is impossible to achieve. For them, the fun is not in knowing as much as it is in the pursuit of knowledge.

Craftsman continually hone their approach. Rather than rely on the same patterns and practices that have served them so well in the past, they build on them. They tweak them. They even abandon some and replace them with new and improved methods and ideas.

Craftsmanship is about learning. The pursuit of knowledge in a specific discipline, the quest to know, to discover, to experience.

When you’re looking to innovate, you need a craftsman.

Photo credit: Habeeb