Give Your Speech, Change The World by Nick Morgan

In Give Your Speech, Change The World: How to move your audience to action, Nick Morgan gives a comprehensive account of what it takes to master the art of public speaking. The point of any talk, he asserts, is to change the world – to move others to act in the way you’re trying to persuade them.

To do this, you must first be heard. And that means capturing and keeping an audience’s attention. That’s not an easy task. Morgan puts this into perspective with a brief history of the craft of public speaking. He points out the tried and true elements that have been effective since the ancient Greeks used them. The challenges in the modern world are different, of course, and Morgan explains how to adjust your technique.

A good portion of the book is spent on content, the essence of any talk. Structuring it properly is critical. Incorporating the power of story and engaging the audience are essential to what Morgan calls an audience-centered presentation.

A whole section of the book is dedicated to rehearsing, and another to delivery. Once you’ve got the content nailed down, you need to be able to present it well – and to interact with the audience strategically in order to get your message across most effectively.

Each chapter is well-written and carries the weight of an experienced presenter and coach. Written in a conversational style, certain points are emphasized within each topic. Conveniently, each chapter ends with a short bullet point list of its essential elements, making it easy to go back and use the book as a reference.

I’d recommend this book for anyone who speaks publicly, for any size audience. You’ll no doubt uncover tips you can use immediately.