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Improve Work Performance in 2 Simple Steps

improve work performance

What if you could easily improve work performance, becoming more effective while also feeling less stressed out? You know, the kind of calm, confidence, and clarity that comes from really having your act together. That sense of stability that comes from being “large and in-charge” of your area of responsibility, even if it looks like rough sailing ahead. And isn’t that the funny part? Even if you know that the path you’re going down might be treacherous in many expected…

How to Accomplish More and Be Busy Less

accomplish more

Here’s how you can accomplish more at work–and be less busy. Consider how we look at top performers in any field. Lindsey Vonn may very well win another Olympic gold medal. And if she does, we’ll want to know more about her backstory, her training program, what she eats for breakfast, and more. All of which is a distraction that takes us away from the most important lesson, which is that you get results when you focus on results. We’ll…

Recommended Reading (and video, podcasts) – January 2018

I’ve come across a lot of great stuff to start the new year. By constantly learning new ideas and pushing our boundaries of understanding, we grow. And all of that helps us in our practical day to day lives, to meet our challenges more directly and deliberately than if we just muddle through. All that learning is a great shortcut for how to stay motivated at work. It’s great to be able to learn so much from so many just…

Grow Your Professional Network Quickly and Easily

grow your professional network quickly

Knowing how to grow your professional network is a skill that can help your career advance faster than just about anything else. After all, your network is one of the most valuable assets you have for career success. People from your network can help you with the challenges of your current job, they can help you to find leads for a new job, and they can help you develop skills and insights to grow as a professional. Now, you can…

The 4 Easiest Ways You Can Influence Decisions at Work

Influence decisions

Maybe you don’t feel like you have enough authority at work. But you certainly do have power. Probably more than you think. Because you can influence decisions at work. Let me explain. Even (and especially) when you are not the decision-maker, you have lots of power to influence decisions. Consider my favorite line from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding: “A man may be the head of the house, but a woman is the neck. And she can turn…

Learn How to Do Your LinkedIn Profile Photo the Right Way

Your LinkedIn profile photo is one of the most important updates that you need to make. You might update LinkedIn when you change jobs, take a seat on a board, or volunteer with a nonprofit. Maybe you even tweak your summary now and again or collect some new references. That’s all great, but your profile photo is even more important. It’s the first thing people see, and it’s the one way to make the most human contact online. If your…

Thinking Bigger Than Your Job

thinking bigger than your job

“How can a tiny piece of rope hold back such a large and powerful elephant?” asked the stranger. He was mystified. There was no cage around the elephant. There were no heavy chains holding it back. There was only a small rope around its ankle, surely something it could snap without any effort at all. Yet, the powerful animal remained in place. Then, the keeper explained something to him. “That rope was placed around the elephant’s ankle long ago, when…

Recommended Reading and Stuff – December 2017

recommended reading december 2017

Here is some great material for your year end wind-down and new year wind-up. I’m recommending a couple of good fiction books – the kind that get you thinking. Also, a nonfiction book to do the same. There are some other goodies in here too. I’m hoping that you have some time to relax and recuperate toward the end of the year. These may help you find an escape. And also to plan your re-entry for a grand and prosperous…

3 Ways to Have a Great Day Even When Your Job Sucks

Great Day At Work

You might feel like you’re at a dead end. When your job stinks, it can be hard to go to work in the morning. Days can feel long. And you can feel drained of energy and enthusiasm. Maybe you can’t turn your job around or find a new one overnight. But you can do some things right now that will help your days go better. We’ll talk about 3 of the most powerful ways you can approach your work that…

Taking the Angst Out of Figuring Out Your Next Career Move

Figuring out your next career move might be stressful. If you’re like most people, you probably used to plan your career forward. Once you were in the workforce for a while, you might have shifted to planning it “backwards.” When you are young, you plan forward. You try to find a field you might like. You look to join a company with lots of opportunities for you. You look for more money, more responsibility, more experience. After a while, you…