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3 Ways to Have a Great Day Even When Your Job Sucks

Great Day At Work

You might feel like you’re at a dead end. When your job stinks, it can be hard to go to work in the morning. Days can feel long. And you can feel drained of energy and enthusiasm. Maybe you can’t turn your job around or find a new one overnight. But you can do some things right now that will help your days go better. We’ll talk about 3 of the most powerful ways you can approach your work that…

Taking the Angst Out of Figuring Out Your Next Career Move

Figuring out your next career move might be stressful. If you’re like most people, you probably used to plan your career forward. Once you were in the workforce for a while, you might have shifted to planning it “backwards.” When you are young, you plan forward. You try to find a field you might like. You look to join a company with lots of opportunities for you. You look for more money, more responsibility, more experience. After a while, you…

Overcoming the Getting Back to Work Blues

overcoming the getting back to work blues

Taking a break from work is refreshing. But the real power of a good break is in the way you get back to work. Whether you are away for a weekend, a vacation, or simply overnight, the way you get back to work matters. If you simply go back and pick up where you left off, you’re almost certainly missing a huge opportunity. Because each time you get back to work, you have a chance to use your time away…

How to Become Less Overcommitted at Work

how to become less overcommitted at work

You are probably wondering how to become less overcommitted at work. So why do you seem to default to agreeing to more? Many of us keep falling into that same trap. After all, it seems like most organizations these days are running thin, trying to “do more with less.” With that sort of frenzy going on constantly, it can be hard to stem the tide as the requests keep rolling in. With every yes, you risk taking on too much….

Recommended Reading and Stuff – November 2017

Last month’s post of recommendations was very popular. So I thought I’d share some more ideas this month. It’s important that we keep learning. Keep taking in new information. Keep considering new ideas. It’s crucial that we keep thinking. Following are some things I found particularly thought-provoking, insightful, and fun. Books Bitcoin for the Befuddled was a great exploration of this new, potentially game-changing technology. I found this book a great way to get a handle on the fundamentals of…

The Trick to Managing Expectations Well

Everything became much easier once I learned a simple secret to managing expectations. I was able to shed a lot of anxiety and stress. I was able to more skillfully juggle competing priorities. Which was a great relief. Because there is a lot of anxiety and stress that comes with staving off angry or disappointed people who need something from you. It seems like work is crazier these days. We seem to be in an era where “doing more with…

How To Feel Less Overwhelmed at Work in 3 Easy Steps

How to feel less overwhelmed at work

This simple trick to dealing with overwhelm might seem too easy when I tell it to you. But it actually works like a charm. When you’re in the middle of a storm of confusion and your day is filled with endless meetings, to-do lists, and a heavily clogged email box, there isn’t much time to think. Your survival instincts kick in and you hustle like crazy to keep up. You chase down loose ends, scramble to put out fires, and…

7 Ways to Deal With a Poor Communicator

7 ways to deal with a poor communicator

Do you have to deal with a poor communicator at work? You might have someone who always seems to forget to mention things to you. Maybe you deal with some people who are trying to convey an idea but do it poorly. Perhaps you have to figure out the difference between what someone says and what they mean. You probably have to deal with issues like this at some point in your work. Maybe more often than you would like….

Recommended Reading and Stuff – Oct 2017

Recommended Reading and Stuff

We gotta stay smart. Fortunately, there’s a lot of great stuff out there. Now, more than ever, you can learn from a wide-variety of people about all sorts of things. And this is crucial to growth. We need new information. We need new ideas. We need new perspectives. We need to learn from others experiences. To consider their insights. And to continually upgrade the way we think about the world and all the challenges we face all the time. Today,…

How To Use Your Personal Brand to Grow Your Career

When people mention your name, what value proposition comes to mind? Does your name act like a “brand” for you? Think about some well-known business names: Warby Parker. McDonalds. GoPro. Soul Cycle. Target. Tesla. The value that comes to mind is clear and easy to understand. You know right away what it’s all about, and whether you’re interested or not. Imagine having that kind of clarity in people’s minds when they think about you. That’s your personal brand. And it…