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Put a stake in the ground

Sometimes groups take a long time to make a decision. Putting a stake in the ground can make all the difference in the world. Even if that stake moves around a bit before the dust settles, you’ll get to a decision more quickly. Saying – Who wants to go to lunch? Where should we go? What time is best for everyone? – will likely lead to a steady stream of noncommittal responses where things get more vague and elusive before…

5 essential elements of a good email memo

I share communications tips every Sunday – join now for free: Yes, I’d Like to Join Now! Simple changes, big results Imagine if you could make simple changes to your email that would help organize your team. Imagine if you could make these changes easily, starting with your very next message to the team. Now imagine that you not only clear some email clutter with these change but you also help everyone to work more efficiently. I’m going to tell you that…