Skitch: a nifty screen capture utility

Screen capture is built into every computer, and it’s incredibly handy for a variety of tasks – capturing an error message, documenting configuration settings, or creating instructions for a task.

What’s really handy, though, is when you can crop, mark up, or highlight parts of an image in order to clearly highlight something specific. These sorts of tweaks really help to clarify your message, but they take extra effort, and extra software. There are a variety of tools for tackling these capture and edit tasks, but Skitch is particularly capable and easy to use. And now it’s free.

Evernote buys Skitch

Earlier this week, the company that makes Evernote the leading cross-platform, cross-device note taking and filing software (pretty darn handy in its own right – but that’s a post for another day) purchased Skitch. They took one of the top selling Mac apps – at $20 a copy – and made it free.

It’s a slick little utility, and I hope Evernote makes it cross platform and integrates it more tightly with their core product. That seems to be the plan, but only time will tell. For now, it’s a great little stand alone utility to have on your Mac. Try it out.



  • I have been using this app NON STOP since I discovered it. I’m even happier that Evernote bought it.

  • Anonymous

    It is great. I am quickly becoming addicted, and I hope they make a Windows version too. That would be slick.