How Blogging Has Made Me A Better CIO

Inspired by Phil Komarny’s post, How Being Social Made Me A Better CIO, I thought I’d share how blogging has made me a better CIO. Ironically, I’ve often spoken about this in talks and presentations, but I’ve never blogged about it until now. Here are four things I’d credit to my blogging experience, after nearly … Read more

IT pros of all ranks: Your job search needs a resume plus search results

How do you represent yourself on a few 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper? Very carefully, and then still not very well. We want to see your work history, the litany of technical jibber jabber you’ve got expertise in, and a sense of your project accomplishments. We want to know the names of the companies … Read more

The comfort zone and baby steps

In my keynote presentation at the CIO Perspectives event earlier this week, I tried to provide insight into what slows down CIOs and IT folks in general from being more active on social media, with the hope that motivation could be found through this insight and more people from IT would get “out there” and … Read more

Putting Yourself Out There; Blogging Your Personal Brand

Here’s a presentation I delivered to Suffolk University MBA students on establishing a personal brand online. I offer a model of Learn, Share, Connect as a framework for both why you should do this and how you should approach the task. It was a really great class, they’re doing some interesting things. Check out this … Read more

Teaching and Learning at WordCamp Boston

WordPress is an amazing open source software success story. Launched modestly in 2003 as a collaboration effort of a handful of people, it is now the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world. Open source is about community, and WordPress has an impressive one. The wealth of design themes, widgets, and plugins that allow for … Read more