Delete The Preamble

Make your writing better by implementing this one simple tip: delete your first two paragraphs. That’s the part where you likely set the stage in a verbose manner. That preamble probably contains too many details and is also repetitive. Once all that warm up is out of the way, you finally get to the point … Read more

The comfort zone and baby steps

In my keynote presentation at the CIO Perspectives event earlier this week, I tried to provide insight into what slows down CIOs and IT folks in general from being more active on social media, with the hope that motivation could be found through this insight and more people from IT would get “out there” and … Read more

Why are you blogging?

As I prepare to speak at WordCamp Boston 2012 later this week, I’m thinking about several WordPress tips to share. I manage three WordPress sites and use many of the same principles, techniques, and tools across all of them. However, each site serves a totally different audience and works in its own unique way. So, … Read more