A TED Talk in the Making

David Meerman Scott was my special guest last night at an eMarketing course I teach at Bentley University. We use his book The New Rules of Marketing and PR in the course, so it was great to talk marketing with him. It was a delightful, insightful, and revealing discussion with the students. And we got another … Read more

Will your presentation pass the smartphone test?

Ever since the Blackberry invaded corporate meeting rooms, they and their successors have been an annoying distraction. Setting policies around use of devices, collecting them at the door, and other measures have tried to curb the effects of these devices. We’ve tried to stop attention from waning over the course of a discussion, from dissipating … Read more

Framing the conversation

The way you introduce an idea impacts everything else you say. A good setup establishes a framework that influences the way the person listening to you processes everything else you say. It’s a helpful guide to them, and so it’s readily accepted. And it’s a great opportunity to get the discussion off on the right … Read more

Confessions of a Public Speaker

Scott Berkun tells an interesting, well-paced and honest (sometimes raw) account of what it’s like to be a public speaker. He covers a variety of issues from a variety of perspectives to give a complete sense of how and why certain things work – and what to do when they don’t. Though the focus is … Read more