How You Can Get Better at Public Speaking (7 Lessons to Build Your Confidence and Skills)


I went from being a nervous wreck of a public speaker to a confident public speaker after learning a few simple lessons. You can do the same. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to transform your public speaking skills. And your public speaking skills are easier to improve than you might … Read more

The Secret of Good IT Communications

Brevity is king. IT is full of details. They’re all important. We achieve success by dotting I’s and crossing T’s. We’re careful about the details because technology can be pretty fragile and it’s our job to make it appear to be magical. And that’s where things get tricky in communications. When we need to show … Read more

A TED Talk in the Making

David Meerman Scott was my special guest last night at an eMarketing course I teach at Bentley University. We use his book The New Rules of Marketing and PR in the course, so it was great to talk marketing with him. It was a delightful, insightful, and revealing discussion with the students. And we got another … Read more

Will your presentation pass the smartphone test?

Ever since the Blackberry invaded corporate meeting rooms, they and their successors have been an annoying distraction. Setting policies around use of devices, collecting them at the door, and other measures have tried to curb the effects of these devices. We’ve tried to stop attention from waning over the course of a discussion, from dissipating … Read more

Books: 3 good choices, 1 great combination

Someone borrowed three books from a pile of mine, stacked in the corner of the room. It’s fun to share things you’re passionate about and interested in, and I love sharing ideas. Three of my favorites were selected, but more striking was the powerful combination of ideas represented by these particular three books together. Confessions … Read more