CIO IT Leadership Interview with Dan Pink

CIO IT Leadership Interview with Dan Pink

Dan Pink is a big thinker who distills practical advice. He’s done so repeatedly, as is evidenced by his four bestselling books, popular blog, and his unique Office Hours “radio show” podcast that covers a variety of topics with other big thinkers. He’s just published a new book, To Sell Is Human, and I had … Read more

Google+ video, YouTube and the future of video sharing at Google

There’s a lot to explore on Google+ and I had a chance to test out the video feature the other day. Here’s a short video clip I made where I talk about the video service and what it might mean for the future of Google and YouTube. I did have to post it twice, once … Read more

The power of video (and some YouTube travel tips)

I needed to pack a suit, but didn’t want to carry one of those hanging suit bags around. They’re bulky, and when folded in half for easier handling, they don’t really protect suits and shirts from wrinkling. I wanted to get everything into my little hard-sided wheelie bag. Enter YouTube. No wonder why it’s the … Read more