CIO IT Leadership Interview with Dan Pink

Dan Pink is a big thinker who distills practical advice. He’s done so repeatedly, as is evidenced by his four bestselling books, popular blog, and his unique Office Hours “radio show” podcast that covers a variety of topics with other big thinkers. He’s just published a new book, To Sell Is Human, and I had a chance to talk with him about this new work from a CIO and IT Leadership perspective.

CIOs and IT Leaders are in sales. Much of our energy is devoted to influencing, persuading, convincing, and cajoling others. We need to  gain support for a project or initiative, secure additional budget dollars, attract the best talent, and internally market the IT Department in a number of ways. Much of Dan’s work in this new book is directly applicable, and we explore several ideas in this discussion.

We talk about “attunement,” problem finding, STEM, asking better questions, how to make a good pitch, tips for constructing good email subject lines, “emotionally intelligent” signs, and more. I hope you’ll find it interesting, provocative, and useful.

The video is embedded below and also accesible via this link.

You can find out more about Dan Pink at his blog, and get the new book at Amazon.

I’ve also attached a transcript of this interview. It’s not perfect, but it may help if you’d like a written format.

Google+ video, YouTube and the future of video sharing at Google

There’s a lot to explore on Google+ and I had a chance to test out the video feature the other day. Here’s a short video clip I made where I talk about the video service and what it might mean for the future of Google and YouTube.

I did have to post it twice, once to YouTube (embedded below) and once to Google+ (link below, it’s a “public” post so you should be able to see it there too, even if you’re not yet on Google Plus).

Google Plus Video Posting

The videos seem about the same in quality, and it’s pretty easy to post on either service. The advantage of posting on YouTube is that it is the world’s second most popular search engine, open and accessible to all. Google Plus is new and I’m not sure where even the public postings show up in the search engines at this point.

In cross posting, I now have twice as much work and two places where the video can be viewed, liked, and commented on. I don’t think it will make sense for quite a while to make G+ the only source to post videos, YouTube is clearly the better platform for now. But since Google own’s both properties, I wonder what the future plans for integration will be…

$8 hardware hack doubles cell phone battery life

Here’s a neat hack that I learned from my friend John via the comments of an earlier post on this blog. I’ve tried it out and it works great. Here’s a quick video explaining how it works.

The power of video (and some YouTube travel tips)

I needed to pack a suit, but didn’t want to carry one of those hanging suit bags around. They’re bulky, and when folded in half for easier handling, they don’t really protect suits and shirts from wrinkling. I wanted to get everything into my little hard-sided wheelie bag.

Enter YouTube. No wonder why it’s the world’s second most popular search engine. It has a wealth of information, and in many cases it’s easier to find, review, and digest than the written word. Particularly for things like packing a suit.

Hey, Jonathan

This video shows a great packing tip (which worked well). I had to watch it a couple of times to get the message, and in the course of doing so noticed a couple of comments from the presenter. In the beginning he says “Hey, Jonathan” and at the end he says something like “Have a nice trip. See you when you get back.”

It turns out that this video, which has been viewed 58,000 times and has probably helped about that many people travel with a suit without wrinkling the heck out of it, was simply made when two friends were talking on the phone. When one couldn’t describe the technique accurately over the phone, he sot this quick video. And then tons of others benefited.

Need some shirts too

The second video I found handled shirts. This was a more straight-up promotional video for howdini, but the technique worked very well.

The power of video

Video has the ability to convey information like no other platform. Good videos can get a message across effectively and efficiently. And that’s why so many people go to YouTube to find answers, making it the number two search engine.

So be sure to include YouTube in your quest for Search Engine Optimization and maximizing reach and traffic. As regular readers of this blog will note, I’ve experimented with a few simple videos of my own. While I’ve reached less than 58,000 views so far, I do feel like I’ve helped some people, conveyed the information in those videos in a more useful format, and have learned a bit about how to produce, load, and configure videos on YouTube, as well as to get a feel for the behind the scenes tools for analyzing traffic. If you’re interested in social media, it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Automation by location

Here are some thoughts about technology that can automate tasks based on location. If you think about it, the implications are profound. In this video I talk specifically about the Y5 app and how it works on an Android smartphone.


Juice on the road

As we become increasingly dependent on smartphones and other mobile gadgets, sources of electricity become increasingly important. Here’s a quick video blog post about how I stay juiced up on the road.

Presentations – Going Wireless

Here’s a two-minute video about my recent experience “going wireless” with my new handy-dandy wireless presentation remote laser pointer gizmo.

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it on YouTube.

Going local… with Amazon?!

Inspired by my friend Matt Medeiros who just launched a video blog over at the and the launch of YouTube Live this week, I thought I’d take a crack at my first video post.

Here are some thoughts on the whole “local play” that’s all the rage in social media these days, based on a unique experience I had with this weekend. I hope you find the comments useful and the format interesting. Would love to hear your comments and feedback.

Oh, and if you can’t see the embedded video, you can click here to watch it on YouTube.

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