IT pros of all ranks: Your job search needs a resume plus search results

How do you represent yourself on a few 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper? Very carefully, and then still not very well. We want to see your work history, the litany of technical jibber jabber you’ve got expertise in, and a sense of your project accomplishments. We want to know the names of the companies[…]

Website 101: How to write in that bloggy style

This is post #11 in my Website 101 series; all posts in this series are tagged website101. Subscribe now so you don’t miss future posts. We’ve been working through all the mechanics of getting a post published, with some context about what makes for good content, a captivating title, and hooks into powerful search engines[…]

Website 101: Post categories and tags

In our last installment of this series, you created your first website post. We covered the basic mechanics, and also talked about the importance of structuring your title properly and of creating good content for your post. Let’s go back to that sample post you created now and review a couple more mechanics. Go back[…]