The iPad is a great sales tool – it made me want to buy a Macbook

The iPad is a wondrous device. A tablet that is well-made, sleek, light, portable, fast and easy to use. It’s a device that is easy to like. And it gets one to realize that portability, quick start-up and long battery life are game-changing features.

Those features are key to the “ease of use” factor of the iPad. Yes, the IOS is nifty, but having a device that is larger than a smart phone yet lighter and faster than any laptop can really change your computing habits. At least it did for me.

And then I wanted more. I wanted to have multiple apps open at the same time. I wanted to copy and paste without any gymnastics. I wanted Flash.

But I still wanted light, near-instant-on, and long battery life.

And so I bought a MacBook Air. Touch̩ Apple. One device sold me on the other. And I remain a happy fan Рof both devices and the company.

Photo credit: p_a_h