Website 101 series

I’m going to write a series of posts on the basics of setting up a website where I’ll go through everything it takes to setup and run a simple website or blog. There are tons of great free services to get you started, like Posterous or This series is for those who wish to take things one step further.

Registering your own domain and installing your own software is more difficult, but allows for tons more opportunities to customize your site, both in terms of look and feel and features and functionality.

Once we venture down this road, the options can get overwhelming. However, in this series, I’m going to keep things really simple and basic. The goal is to quickly introduce you to all of the key elements and how they fit together. The goal is not to make you an expert in any one area (any one of which could be explored in nauseating detail). Similarly, this series will not analyze or evaluate in any great detail the various tools that we’ll use to get a website up and running. Rather, I’ll simply illustrate each topic using a basic or favorite tool or method so that you can see the fundamental concepts in action.

Make sense? Ok, great.

In the next website101 post I’ll cover domain name registration. Grabbing your own domain name is an important first step in establishing your own little corner of the Internet.

Photo credit: Bull3t